Save the Areng Valley and the Siamese crocodile

How your donation will help

This uneconomic dam would destroy the world's largest remaining habitat of the highly endangered Siamese crocodile and displace over a thousand indigenous  people into a wild elephant corridor jeopardising the safety of both the villagers and the elephants.

The Cambodian Youth Network  and the Coalition of Cambodian Farmer Communities /  have both organized successful campaigns in the past including the protection of another iconic forest at Prey long.

These volunteers are going to the valley to inform  the communities about the effects of the dam and to advise them on how to express their voices against it in a democratic way. They  help the communities get organized, empower them and teach them how to protest in a democratic, organized and peaceful way.

As well as paying for transport, food and  leaflets for volunteers from CYN and CCFC to raise awareness in Areng Valley, your donation will also help fund their  plans to bring some of the Areng valley people to Phnom Penh  to meet up with Chinese embassy officials, deliver a petition to embassies and government ministries etc.

 We agree with CYN and CCFC that having the villagers stand up and say no to this suicidal dam, especially pointing out the unsuitability of the relocation site, would be the most effective strategy. With  the Cambodian general election  looming in July, the government is likely to be very sensitive to the voice of the villagers but only  if we can help them be heard.